Sunday, May 28, 2006

It happens in threes....

You know when you find a piece of clothing that exactly expresses what is you? (Okay, all the guys have just tuned out) Well, that is how I felt about this coat:

I love it! I feel so good in it. So yesterday, I went out and got white gloves and hat to match, and last night when I went out to meet a friend at the National Gallery where my husband was playing a gig, I was feeling reeeaaally good.

UNTIL, some JERK ran up behind me and snatched my purse right out of my hand. I was 2 minutes away from the gallery. I had enough hold on the purse that he lost his balance and fell down, and I went running after him, screaming obsenities at the top of my lungs. But what was I going to do. I suddenly wished I had been doing Kung Fu for the last 10 years and could have shown him who's boss! But instead, I just watched him in disgust as he ran off into the park to hide in the shadows. Take my money. Dump the wallet i got in Spain. Discard the lipstick I got for my wedding.

Damn it. That really kills the mood. The cops were called, reports were made, wine was drunk. THEN, when the gig was over, I had to take A to the hospital emergency because he was complaining of tightness in the chest, weird heartbeats and difficulty breathing. They did heart monitoring, chest X-rays and blood tests that kept us there until 1am. Everything came back fine - he is completely healthy - just probably a bit too much coffee and not enough sleep. That's my boy. What a night.

And then to top it all off, the chocolate double fudge mocha icing on the cake, as I was putting my favourite coat on, the button broke.

At least that's three down.


futuregirl said...

Here's hoping your next set of three is a good one. :)

Hamsa Hand said...

That means three good things are about to follow.

flossy-p said...

That just sux! Big Time!
A friend and I were mugged once, they took her purse and ran, however she is a really fast runner (runs 10k every morning). She ran after them, caught up and was running along side them yelling at them to give it back. They didn't know what to do.
But the same thing happened, unless she launched herself into a flying Bruce Lee tackle there was no way she could stop them. She considered running with them the whole way, then one of them told her to stop chasing them, and she was distressed enough that she did. She still regrets it but it was probably safer that way.

Anyway, at least your broken button can be fixed, and as soon as you get a new purse you'll be on your way to feeling fantastic once again... hard not to in a coat like that!