Sunday, June 18, 2006

CBI class #5 (last class!)

Well today was my last children's book illustration class. You can see my posts about the previous classes here:
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Today we did collage which was quite fun and very messy! I was working on a cover for a music book I am doing for a friend. Here's what I got done in an hour or so:

It's for a 'handbook' so this was the best I could come up with ;-) I think I'm going to print out some of his music to collage into the hand part and then probably paint over it a little bit. I'll post it when it's done.

Overall the Illustration class was okay. I guess it depends what your expectations are to begin with. It was good to learn some techniques and try new things (which, I'm all about trying new things at the moment so this was very good for me) but I think that could have been done in say 2 classes instead of 4. I'm happy to learn about the technique in class and then do it at home. I don't need to do and hour of collage in class! Anyway, speaking of expectations, what I was really looking for was how to construct a book. Book composition, the pace of the story, how, as the butterfly collector commented somewhere on my blog, how to run pages one into the other. What? I didn't learn that!?

But I still enjoyed it, am glad I did it, made some friends and it's good to know Lorette now. She was very sweet and said to email her if we ever have any questions.... i just might take her up on that someday!


futuregirl said...

I immediately liked this amazing piece. But I started liking it more as I looked at it. The beautiful torn paper reveals the space where a hand was. I imagine it is the hand that created the torn pieces of paper.

I like interaction between the negative and positive space as well as the "story" of the hand and the torn paper.

What you plan on doing to it sounds cool. I can't wait to see how it ends up.

Caitlin said...

I really like Keith Smith's books for thinking about pacing and page turning - you can get them at Artisan books in Melbourne - especailly have a look at "The New Structure of the Visual book".

Momma Pajama said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful negative space idea!

lil kim said...

Thanks for the tip Caitlin! I will check it out.