Thursday, September 14, 2006

Snail mail

Checking the mail on a daily basis isn't as exciting as it used to be (mostly bills, junk mail, and bills) but every once in a while you get a nice surprise!

I received a copy of the book I did a cover and other B&W internal illos for. I'm quite happy with it. This one is a bit of a milestone for me as it's the first job I did with with paintbrush and paper (watercolours) as opposed to digitally. It was a big jump, and I feel I've already walked down the path a few steps from here, but it was definitely a good start.

It even comes in it's own lime green carrying case and with some stickers! very cute. The only thing is spelled my name wrong in the credits... :: sigh ::


HildaRose said...

Congrats! Isn't it great to get the real thing in the mail. I just got copies of my most recent book in the mail yesterday too. They always look different for some reason. I think one gets to see them fresh and I always get the "I should try this next time, or that next time."

futuregirl said...

Spelled your name wrong? For crying out loud! :) It looks great, all the same. What a great piece of mail. :)

flossy-p said...

Oh Congratulations! It's great! You know it reminds me of the colourful happy covers on the Let's Sing books (that were in school when I was young). Does anyone remember those?

Anyway I have vivid and warm memories of the pictures in those book, I'm sure yours will do the same for a new generation of kiddies. Well done!

Michelle said...

Fantastic work, this is such a wonderful front cover. I will look out for it in the schools.