Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One down, three to go...

Well I've completed one of my four jobs that need to be finished by the end of the year. This one was a doozy. 60 illos for a grammar book, mostly of little kids doing different things. It was fantastic practice and really helped me solidify the way I like to draw characters (despite the fact that the publisher requested changes on the way I draw characters. well why did you ask me to do it then?) Anyway, it was great, it's done and now i can move on. I can't wait to post some pictures here. but i guess i need to wait until it's published? is that the etiquette? because someone might steal my low resolution image of a woman holding a potato (not kidding) and pass it off as their own and makes lots of money and I'll be ruined because no one will ever work with me again? ah well. can't take a chance these days I guess. yes i will wait.

I'm really happy with how my illustration career has gone this year though - ever since i dropped down from 4 days to 3 days at my "job," I've had a steady stream of illustration work, and that was July, and I'm already booked through to end of Jan! so I'm loving it. Hopefully soon I can start to pick and choose my projects a bit more.

The next job I have to do should be the most fun. it's a real live children's book (not a hard-cover trade book, but a children's book nonetheless) so I'm super excited!

and even though I haven't been doing I-F, I have still been lurking on some blogs, getting inspired as always. so a hearty 'good on ya' bloggy people!



futuregirl said...

It's great to hear about you continued success doing work outside of 'work.' :)

wynlen said...

It's great to hear your illustration career is sucessfull! I've not visited your blog for a while (busy busy, you know the feeling) so I looked at it now, and you have posted so many beautiful illustrations. And how fun that you used my trick for the transfer onto the wood piece!


flossy-p said...

That's brilliant! You're such an inspiration!

murphy girl said...

well i just sat down and read all of the exciting things that are happening to you, and they have been an inspiration! congrats on your project being done, and on all the good (and learning) stuff throughout your first year of blogging!