Monday, March 05, 2007

another new header

Well i've had enough giraffes for the moment (though I do still love them!) - so here's a header of a different ilk. I've been drawing things like this for my latest and LAST illustration project before I go overseas, and it got me inspired to create something nice for me blog. i'm much happier with this one.
hooray for bloggy goodness!


Anonymous said...

HI Lil' Kim! This is Michelle from IF! I just wanted to ask you if I could feature you on my blog spotlight this coming Friday. Let me know if that's ok. You can give me an image from your blog or I can pick one as well - whichever is easiest.. thanks again!

-Michelle Lana

Anonymous said...

Hon - It's Nat from Sydney. LOVE your blog!! Have I told you lately how talented you are!! Make sure that hussss-band of yours takes good care of you on your trip ;) See you when you get back!