Thursday, August 30, 2007

I-F: Visitor

We had one of these visit our house last night. They are so cute! I haven't seen him today so I just hope that our cat didn't get to him. I don't think so though - she's not that quick. I'm sure he was frolicking outside in the springtime weather today.

The first image that popped into my head when I saw the IF word for this week was a trail of ants. Whenever my father would discover a bug of some sort sitting on his sleeve, he would announce that we had a 'visiting species' - but my ant sketches didn't work out very well, so instead here is a sketch for the next acrylic painting in the series of paintings I will sell in my friend's shop, and hopefully other shops here in Melbourne. (see previous post)

I've got so much to tell you about - I've been through all my travel photos and have many to share, as well as all sorts of inspirational books, cards and memorabilia from the trip. I'm also setting up illustrator pages at Illustrators Australia and the Stylefile. more soon! xx


Diane Duda said...

He's so cute! Love his feet.
Also love your acrylics.
Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great idea, hope u the best in it. lov ur new look and animals. michael dailey

arvindh said...

i like the simple rendering.

Monica said...

What a charming character. I also love the feet, and the big eyes.

Your acrylics are lovely. Best of luck, I'm sure you'll do well! I have yet to try acrylics, maybe I will. :-)

georg said...

He looks like a nice guy - you're sure, his name is George?

hugs from georg