Friday, September 07, 2007

I-F: Alphabet

I had all sorts of grand ideas for my alphabet but ran out of time again this week... but blah blah blah I'm tired of this excuse so here are a few quick little doodles instead. Maybe I'll find some time to do at least the 2nd one up a bit better, cause I like the idea.

So while I was doing this rather uninspired one:

I noticed how funny it is that the 'p' and 'q' are opposites, yet they sit side by side in the alphabet. maybe that's why you're supposed to mind your p's and q's, cause it might be like a dangerous office romance if they fell in love?


Elizabeth Metz said...

The p and q piece-- nice! Very imaginative.

claudia said...

Hi Kim,
This could be submitted to a needlework company for a cross stitch pattern!.......maybe this is where the statement, "minding your p's and q's" comes from!

Anonymous said...

nice soft colors and i agree about the needle work quality this has. Question: y have the saying opposites attract if they have to mind their p's and q's: michael dailey

Vanessa said...

There's actually several possible roots from the term 'mind your p's and q's'.

Some say that it is an old pub saying, from 'Pints and Quarts', when sailors would come into town and get drunk, you'd have to mind your p's and q's (written on a board behind the bar to keep track of how much the sailor had drank) or else you'd be in debt. Or drunk.

Another commonly thought root IS in fact from the similarity and closeness of p and q in the alphabet, from when typesetting was done by hand, it was easy to mistake one for the other (remember, everything was in reverse) so if you were moving quickly and not paying attention, you'd be liable to mix them up. I personally think this is a more likely explanation, judging by the use of the phrase today.

Also: nice drawing! ^_^ It's very whimsical.