Friday, May 16, 2008

Orphan Works Bill

OK, I think most of us who frequent the bloggy community have heard about the orphan works bill by now. Just a reminder if you haven't already to please take action! It's really easy.

you can sign a petition here
if you are a US citizen click here
if you are internationally inclined click here

please act now! it is easy and quick!

*edit: due to things like this as well as many stories about art being stolen over the internet, I have decided to post my images at a lower resolution and to start watermarking them (the ones that matter anyway!) I hate to have to do this but it's probably better to be safe than sorry you know?

1 comment:

RyanLoghry said...

Hey Kim, when are they putting this to a vote? I've written my representatives, but I never heard when we would know one way or the other.