Monday, June 02, 2008

Surprise Monday : Week 14: 27 down, 2 to go

That's right, only 2 more illustrations to go! and one is a redo of this image which was once the title page but is now the cover. I don't feel the way I did it was 'cover material' so I will redo and show it to you next week. A little poll: do you like how the boy on the left is reaching down towards the cat? (sort of like the cat is sniffing his fingers like cats do) I like the cat but for some reason I feel the sniffing thing looks funny. I'd like to change it but not quite sure what to do with his left hand. Any ideas?

Well this week I finished off this spread which I showed you earlier. I'd love to show you the finished one but it doesn't fit in my scanner and my digital camera has died a sudden death! (another thing to put on the list!)

The last illustration (besides the cover) that I have to do is a double page spread of Alice (the little black girl) and then I am done done done! phew! It's been a long haul, but a lot of fun!! Thanks for coming along for the ride... see you next week!

...And I must apologize to my 21 days buddies. I had said I would take it back up and I haven't and I don't think I am going to for a little while. The book has sort of taken over and I reckon I'm going to need a bit of a break from _everything_ when it is done! But I'd like to try it again when I am ready and be a bit more committed to it this time. Congrats to all of you who produced such beautiful pieces! you are all inspiring! xx


Isabelle said...

Hi Kim,
You're almost there!For your little poll, I would also change his hand posture, perhaps as if he was going to pet it? Or entice him to play? About your scanner, did you know that you can scan your picture in two scans and join them together easily in Photoshop with the eraser? Perhaps you already know this, but it solved a lot of problems for me as my paper is always larger than the scanning area. It is a cinch!
Hope you have a great week and have lots to show us soon.

lil kim said...

Thanks for your ideas Isabelle! That sounds much better to me.

and yes I probably could join the scans in Photoshop - but every time I try it never seems to line up quite right because I am terrible at cutting my paper straight!

Tom Barrett said...

Congrats on nearing the finish line! Lok forward to seeing the finished book so we know what the "Surprise" is!

As far as the little boy, it is not his hand that bothers me so much as his eyes. Because he is looking at the cat, he seems uninvolved with the exchange taking place. I know the kids don't meet in the story, but I think the illustration would be stronger if he was looking towards the other kids, even if only at the paper in his hand. Maybe the kitty could be leaning on him (like a cats affectionate rub), or have his front feet on the boys legs in a sort of "begging" position, looking up at the boy.

Anyway, that my 2 cents. I know you'll find something that works perfect!

lil kim said...

Hmmm, thanks Tom, that is an excellent observation. Unfortunately I just finished the cover last night! But I will think about changing his eyes...

and thanks for your ideas about the cat - i did it as you both suggested. Will post it on Monday !