Thursday, January 08, 2009

Let's party like it's 2009

Okay, only a decade late, but 2009 is shaping up to be a good one. Here is how the end of 2008 and the start of the new year have looked for me so far:

apple cinnamon cookie bake-a-thon

Christmas picnic under the gum trees

then it was on to the real work:

planting our front garden beds with lovely plants and flowers

and painting our hallway (all the patchyness are imperfections/cracks that I dug out, plastered, and sanded to a lovely smooth painting surface, ha.)

phew! Definitely a working holiday, but a happy one. And I'm excited for 2009.

One of the big things I'm hoping to do (besides continuing to paint our entire house) is to have a bit more time to work on my own children's book ideas. Because I have some. And the process can take years, so I at least want to start.

I'm a bit hesitant to actually put it in writing, but oh well, here we go... This Year, I want to make time to create a dummy of a book idea. There, I said it. No pressure or anything. But I always reckon starting is the hardest part, except for finishing of course.

So all the best to you for 2009 - I hope it's a fantastic one!


Mônica said...

Wow, Kim, you have been very busy doing wonderful things, making such a lovely home! I'm excited for 2009 too, and I have no doubt you'll create a terrific dummy book. And you're right, there's no pressure, it's really the process that counts, that gets you where you want to be. I heard the author/illustrator Laura Vaccaro Seeger talking about her creative process when working on one of her books, and it is a long process, a thoughtful and experimental one, but rewarding all the way through. :-)

Rachel Power said...

Hey, Kim. Happy New Year! I must say I am dreading starting back at work next week, but I am looking forward to seeing you... and hearing more about your 2009 plans. Your house must be looking fab. Congratulations on 'Surprise!' getting an overseas agent. Great news for you and Karen! I hope it finds a worldwide market, as it deserves.

Anonymous said...

oh my shoulders and arms ache just looking at this photo. brings back memories of all paint jobs i have done over the years. :) bet it will look awesome when you get it done!

good for you for putting your ideas and dreams of creating your first dummy out there,,,that is a big step!


Chickengirl said...

Happy new year to you and all the best in 2009! Hopefully we'll both get started on that dummy book! It is indeed a long no better time to start than now :-)

Keeping my fingers crossed for Surprise! to be in the US!!!