Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I-F: (A very, very sad) Time

A bit of a departure from my normal cheery cute stuff - I have just been so affected by the stories from the raging bushfires in Victoria. 170 people have lost their lives, with the number expected to climb, and many more have lost their houses and their only refuge is an emergency military tent. How do they go back to a town which no longer exists? How can you rebuild from cinders and ashes?

The worst part is that some of these fires were deliberately lit. It's just atrocious.

The best part has been the rallying together and the strength of communities. I can only hope that it is enough for the people who have lost friends and family. and hooray to all the courageous firefighters, the local heros known and unknown, the people who made sandwiches and took clothes to those who needed them.

We, luckily, are far enough away from the disaster (thank you for your emails/comments of concern), but close enough to have friends who were directly affected (their property, not lives, thank goodness).

If you would like to help with the cause, here are some avenues (via flossy-p):
Donate to the Australian Red Cross
Sparkly Green Knickers is donating all her etsy sales to the appeal
Grandy and Baa is having a clothing make-along for the babies and children
The Toy Society will be gathering handmade toys to donate
Handmade Help is co-ordinating craft donations to auction off and raise money. (click on the graphic in the sidebar)

Thinking of all those who were affected, trying to stop crying....


Sabbio said...

I thought about you when I heard the sad and scandalous news :( Relieved to see you are not personally and directly affected by it. Your illustration is sober but straight to the point,well done!

Alicia Padrón said...

Oh my, Kim.. I had no idea. What an awful thing!

Fires are really devastating. I think they have the same effect on the person that on the house it burns. They must feel just like their home looks after a fire like that. And to build from there requires so much.

I hope and pray the fires will cease soon.
I'm glad is no where near you sweetie.


Peter Breese said...

Our thoughts are with the families, such a horrible situation. You illo certainly makes the point.

Bella Sinclair said...

I just saw some horrific photos of the fires and the vast amount of destruction and sorrow it left in its wake. Your great illo, with the powerful fire monster and the tiny, fragile house, depicts it quite clearly. I've made a donation. Thanks for letting us know other ways we can help.

Mônica said...

I thought of you too when I heard the news... It is so terrible and sad, such a tragedy.

I'm relieved to learn you were not affected in any way, Kim, but also sorry for everyone else in Victoria.

lil kim said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. Unfortunately the fires keep burning... but they are more under control now.

Isabelle said...

Glad to hear you are okay, what a horrible disaster.
Your illustration is very strong, you can tell how heartfelt it is.

Rachel Power said...

Kim, powerful painting! Wasn't it something walking into the relief centre at Whittlesea yeaterday?! All those piles and piles of donated goods. I found it quite a struggle to hold myself together!

lil kim said...

Thanks Isabelle.

Thanks for your comment Rach. yes it was amazing to go out there. I think i was more overwhelmed by how positive everyone was! really incredible...

Loni Edwards said...

Such sad news! And to think some were deliberately set. Ugh. There are some twisted people out there. Such a sad time indeed. My heart goes out to all who've had to suffer. Its just awful.

Your illo, although sad, is beautiful. I love the tree and how it turns into the dragon/fire. It is really cool.

I hope all is well soon in your part of the world!

Anonymous said...