Saturday, May 09, 2009

every day in may : day nine


I'm very happy with it.

The most challenging part was the japanese kanji symbols. I had to practice beforehand, and then completely tensed up when I went to do the real thing. I was sure I had botched it, until I got down from the ladder. It looks fine. Big tick off the list with this one - phew!

I did do some editing of my children's book too. Not a Jour d'Editing Majeur, but Moyen at least.. more tomorrow.

And here is a pic of some editing companions: a lil snack in a lovely moroccan bowl from Fes, and a nice cuppa in my favourite mug from Mozi given to me by my buddy Rachel. Don't know why I had to take this picture, I just really liked the two of them together.

Hope all you other every day in may creators and followers are having fun - see you tomorrow!


Sabbio said...

It's just wonderfully done, congrats! Just a little question : how did you transfer your pencil drawing on the wall?

Loni Edwards said...

This turned out beautifully Kim! Well done!

Michelle Lana said...

Looks great lil kim!

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Looks beautiful Kim!!

lil kim said...

Thanks everyone!
Sabbio - yes that was a tricky part. the best way I've found is to scribble over the back of the design with pencil, then when you trace over the design on the 'right' side, it leaves a little mark (sort of like making your own carbon paper)
Anette explains it better here: (#2 and 3)
Hope that helps!

flossy-p said...

Fantastic mural! What a lovely way to be greeted to your home :)

I DO love your mug too.

Anonymous said...