Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I-F: Burning

Elsie's ears were burning after Stuart didn't return her feelings, and walked to class with Peony instead.

...I'm trying to get some more sketching into my life -- getting inspired by The Sketchables and this post by Alicia Padron. I haven't joined PiBoIdMo or SaeMo or anything, just trying to take 10-20 minutes whenever I can for sketching, no pressure.

I'm doing a drawing exercise that Sam Hughes told me about - she learned it from her critiquer Cecilia Yung at the SCBWI conference:
Have different jars with different scene elements, pick one out of each jar, and draw it! You could have:
Jar 1: Character (girl, dad, pig, rooster...)
Jar 2: Emotion (relieved, angry, sad, excited...)
Jar 3: Location (on the roof, under a tree, on the moon, in the supermarket...)
optional additions:
Jar 4 : Lighting/time of day (more for a finished piece)
Jar 5: Time period
Jar 6: Story twist (and then someone arrived, and then the dog got out, then it started snowing...)

The main one I am focusing on is emotion because I know I don't bring that out enough.

So for the elephant above my drawing was: The elephant was disappointed at school.

Below, the rabbit was relieved, on the roof when someone left.

Fun, no? Maybe you should try it!


sketched out said...

Wow Kim! Love your illustration and concept for "burning." So cute, so poignant and just so special. Also, thanks so much for sharing that exercise. I am sooo going to try that. I need something to kick start me. Good show, girl!

Kaitlyn said...

cute stuff :)

Hannah Sommerville said...

Great idea! You did a great job. I especially like how you were able to portray the elephant's emotion. I think I'll try it!

panda no ko said...

poor elsie..! this exercise sounds fun, I will definetly try it! :D

Jack Foster said...

Awww poor Elsie! Great pose and character design. Way to keep your stuff sharp! You are very talented Lil Kim!

Heather said...

such a darling elephant character.
thanks for the great idea. love it! i must give it a try.

kathy hare said...

I love your little elephant drawing Kim, there is something so tender about the little one on the bench..