Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Illustration Friday : Gesture

Well, this is illustration with a twist.

Click to see him run!!

This is a what I did for the State of Design Festival running officially from July 20-31 here in Melbourne.

It is a little light box with the animation (run little wabbit!) and a wolf making a menacing gesture.  (Boy I really have it in for rabbits lately, don't I?)

This is currently in the window of the Hill of Content Bookshop, along with 11 other beautiful animating lightboxes. Quite a sight at night! :-)

footage by Sonia Kretschmar

It was fun getting back into some animation, which I did at my first 'real' job out of university, at ImageBuilder Software in Portland, OR (now defunct, sadly).


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh Kim this is fantastic!!! Great job on it. It's so dang cute!!!

Crushed Lime said...

Agreed, great job. Love these sort of simple animations!

jody said...

looks great Kim, can't wait to see it in the flesh tomorrow evening! You do have something for bunnies!

jody said...

looks great Kim, can't wait to see it in the flesh! you do have something for bunnies!

k.h.whitaker said...

oh, that is so cute Kim, I love it!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Kim, thanks so much for you kind words. Have a great weekend.

M├┤nica said...

Wow, Kim, I didn't know you did animation! This looks great, and how it gets incorporated with the light box is really amazing and creative!

I always have it in for rabbits!


Danielle McDonald said...

Kim this is just stunning! I wish I could check it out in person. I have been reading along but haven't commented for a while. Looks like you had another very successful time at the book fair. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too. Nice to know someone is still visiting! x