Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry everything!

No matter what you may or may not celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful end to the year, and that 2012 starts out in style!!

It has been quiet here, I know, but there has actually been LOTS happening. I find myself pulling back a bit from the whole blog/facebook/twitter world a bit now. As much as I love the connections and appreciate all of you out there in cyberland, it can be difficult to time manage! (as we all know)

But I am not deserting you completely! The roughs for my book have been approved with minor changes (yay!) and as I move into doing the paintings in the new year, I hope to be able to show you some sneak peeks. I haven't told you much about it yet. For now I'll tell you it is a sweet book with a great message, and is being published by Bright Sky Press in the US of A.

and with that good news I will leave you to your turkey dinners and/or pavlovas, and hope that the holiday season treats you, your mind, spirit and waistline well.

lots of joy and good cheer from this lil blogger xo


Juana Martinez-Neal said...

Hi Kim! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas or Holiday ;) Congrats on your sketches approved and the new book. Can't wait to see the new pieces. Happy 2012 to you! :)

Stacia said...

Love the Christmas tree illo! Happy holidays to you. Have missed you on the blog but see that you are busy in a good way.

I wrote another story and am going to an SCBWI Great Critique (a local event) tomorrow night to have it reviewed for the first time. I'll send it your way after I see what comments I get and make necessary changes. Time for me to get going!

Take care!