Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time lapse tree

Well the baby hasn't arrived yet, which has given me time to get together this time lapse video I took of me doing a painting for my latest book "Cherish Your Skin".

SO, now I can tell you that it is a book that will be distributed in the USA and Australia, through the Cancer Council here, and published by Bright Sky Press. I had lots of fun doing it, and it has a great message to boot! Namely, about being SunSmart and taking care of yourself in the sun, something Australians should be particularly conscious of -- the sun always seems hotter down here. Blast that pesky ozone layer.

This is my favourite painting from the whole book and it was fun to set this up. I hope you enjoy a look into how I paint!


Marjory said...

Fabulous, Kim, I really enjoyed watching your time lapse tree. Tell me, did you tape own your (watercolour?) paper first? Could not tell, and yet the paper seemed to get quite wet.
Also, did you use watercolour or coloured inks?

lil kim said...

Thanks Marjory! Yes I do tape the paper as I use a lot of water - but I don't stretch it first, (because I am lazy) so it does still tend to buckle a little bit.

I use Arches watercolour paper 300gsm and Cotman watercolours.


jody said...

AWESOME kim, that was really FAB! I love seeing videos like that, take care missy, hopefully your in the hospital right now :)

jody said...

AWESOME Kim, i love seeing the 'workings' of artists, that was great! Hopefully you are in the hospital right now, look forward to your news!

Stacia said...

Fabulous! I enjoyed watching you work. Love that final piece!

Good luck with delivery. Can't wait to hear about your new family addition.

Big hugs to you!

Pond Creature said...

this is cate I really loved your painting . the next time we see you can you pleas teach me how to paint like that?
love catherine elena fleming.