Monday, October 21, 2013

MATS: Main assignment Week 2 - Home Decor

This week our assignment was to use our sketches to create a range of crockery. It's quite amazing the type of plates and such that are available at the moment at places like Anthropologie - they are truly works of art. And you get to eat off them!

I found the process a little daunting on this one. I didn't have such a great time with the sketching phase and how would I use these for my final design? I tried some more sketching and painting, but once I got onto the pens I really enjoyed some of the repeating shapes:

I put in a few other swirly elements and some little creatures to add a bit of interest...

I started out by colouring them digitally but then decided I still wanted a bit of a watercolour look to them, so I made some washes and layered them in Photoshop. (I ended up altering some of the colours for the final piece)

I made a pattern for the background in Illustrator which started with bromeliad shapes, and ended in raindrops.

I find that choosing a colour palette is not one of my strengths. I consulted Design Seeds for some inspiration but don't feel like I really pushed myself anywhere new. A challenge for me for next week.

So, I then assembled everything in Photoshop.....

I made a dinner plate and a side plate...

and then still had enough time to to a teacup & saucer. One of the ways to think about creating all this is to make something that you would want to buy yourself. I reckon I would drink from that little teacup!

and here they all are assembled to be presented. 

This assignment was quite challenging, but I am happy with what I turned out in the end (until I saw what everyone else did - wow! some talent!) - trying to see it all as inspiring instead of demoralising!!!

But despite the rocky start I did have a lot of fun with this, and feel like the market is very intriguing as so many different styles and techniques can be used.

Next week: children's books! (hope to feel a bit more comfortable in this assignment!)
(Last week: Fabric)


Danielle McDonald said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing this process in such great detail. I LOVE seeing how things progressed and your final plates are just beautiful. I too would drink from that little teacup!

Next week is our home territory, but I hope this doesn't put too much pressure on us!! Enjoy your week and I can't wait to see what you do next! x

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I would buy them all right now if I could. I am hoping to take the MATS course in the future, so seeing what you get up to each week is inspiring.

lil kim said...

Thanks Dan!

Anon - glad you are enjoying my process, hope it is inspiring to you. it is a very inspiring class!