Sunday, November 10, 2013

MATS: main assignment - Week 5 - Gift market

This week was all about the Gift market - which could be anything really. From little pouches to pencil cases to jewellery to books to tea towels to magnets. So really wide open, and again a range of art being used.

I have to admit that I skipped the mini assignment this week. We were supposed to take photos or make sketches of some collections we might have around the house - things we collect purposefully or not, such as buttons or flowers or pencils. Well I have a pretty good collection of brushes and other painterly things, but I ran out of time and just decided to see what the final assignment would be.

Our final assignment of the class was to create a design for a "hyper-lush" item such as a zipper pouch. We were encouraged to 'throw everything at it' - layer our little hearts out, and even bring in items from previous weeks if they could work.

I wanted to work mostly digitally for this one... It's been a long time since I've done much digital art (for myself) and definitely not vector, so this was pretty fun. Though I couldn't keep it all computer-based!

I decided to build on the Indian-y theme and came up with the idea of an 'Elephant Tea Party'. To start, I drew out a few mandala-type things and indian motifs which I then scanned in and traced in Illustrator so I could change the colours easily.

And then I just built and built it up and up....
I used some of the patterns (in the corners) from last week
We were encouraged to use photography, but that just wasn't 'me'

getting there...
until I came to this....

At this point I posted it to our class Facebook group for feedback because I still wasn't quite sure. The consensus was to bump up the colours to make it more 'lush', so did that, added a few more details, and here's what I ended up with:

And here's how I presented it for the class:

Very happy with this! (finally!) I feel like I've ended the class on a high note and feeling good after some weeks of not-enough-time posts and not feeling like I was pushing myself enough.

We have a few more 'bonus' information posts to the class in the coming days, and then after that I will do a wrap up post here. Stay tuned....

see last week's assignment in Wall Art

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