Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Website is live and book is released!

Well it's a pretty exciting day for me as my brand-spanking-new-crying-with-joy-website has finally sprung into the cyberworld, along with the release of my latest book-baby.

Please check out my new website at the same ol good address of


it's got a fresh new look, lots of new work, links, behind the scenes peeks and all sortsa good stuff. I'd love to hear what you think of it, if you'd like to come back here to comment, or on Facebook or twitter.

Along with the new work on the site is my latest picture book through Scholastic Australia: 'Mummy You're Special To Me'

This is indeed a very special book to me because I was working on it while celebrating my first year (and Mother's Day) as a mum. Each page opening is of a different baby animal with their mum. It was really one of those dream-come-true books that came at exactly the right time in my life. I was able to pour so much motherly emotion into it (even on very little sleep sometimes!) and this book will always be dear to my heart.

I'll be having a book launch for it at the Hill of Content Bookshop in Melbourne in May, (curiously, just in time for Mother's Day, imagine that) and then some of the illustrations will be exhibited at the Hunt Club Gallery in Deer Park as well as back at the HoC later in the year. So stay tuned for details on those!

I really hope you like both the website and the book. I've worked hard on both of them. Really I have! It's no joke, even though it's April Fool's Day! (also the day my parents got married. Fitting somehow...)


Alicia Padrón said...

Wooohoo! Look lovely Kimmi! So happy for you.. and now being a mom is the best reward. xoxoxox

Alicia Padrón said...

woohoo! Looks lovely Kimmi! So happy for you, and now that you are a mommy... that is the best reward :o) xoxoxox

Emme said...

Hi, I love the new website, it looks great! Can I ask what the platform/ hosting site it is(hope those are the right terms)? I've been looking at different ones, but yours seems to work really well. Hope you don't mind me asking. - Emme

lil kim said...

Thanks you so much Ali!!!

Emme - thanks for your comment. I did this using Squarespace - it is very good - easy to update which is what I wanted. Check it out and good luck!