Wednesday, August 27, 2014

News! / Nouvelles!

I have just found out that publication rights for my latest children's book Mummy You're Special To Me (Scholastic Australia) have been sold to Scholastic CANADA! They will be publishing board book editions in French and English in (North American) Spring 2015.
This is so exciting for me for several reasons:
1. It is my first book with international publication
2. I am from Canada!
3. This will be my first board book
4. I speak French to my son!
5. It should then be available on Amazon, so accessible worldwide.

Everything seems to have fallen into place perfectly with this book.
* it came at the right time of my life (a book about mothers and babies when I was a new mum)
* It will be available in my homeland (Canada);
* I will have a book (my book!) in a French and English version I can read to my son.
Yep, I'm one happy little chappy :-)
Oui, je suis très contente!
And along the way I have found some very lovely reviews of this book. So amazed to have my illustrations described so positively (especially in this review - thank you so much!)

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