Friday, October 10, 2014

New and Improved

Hello dear followers

I'm not sure if anyone reads this anymore, but if you are reading this - then thank you! Being time poor as most of us are, I've decided to let my little blogspot go for a while, in the shadow of the shiny new blog over on my new website.

So please if you haven't already, you can visit the blog at or plug the rss into your feed reader: feed://

Thank you and happy surf-reading!


Tom Barrett said...

Hi Kim,
It's weird, like half of the blog world disappeared. Granted I, myself, have been off-scene for a while, but I was surprised how many blogs in my list had either been abandoned, or not update in months.
Will be linking to your new blog to keep up. Stop by and visit if you have the time!

lil kim said...

Hi Tom! Yes I know, personal blogs are all but gone it feels like. No one has any time anymore, and it's all moved to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc/etc/etc anyway. Anyway thanks for getting back in touch, it's been a while. Hope you are well x