Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Time of day: nighttime
Mood: inspired, but hungry
cat: sleeping
husband: surfing (on his computer, not waves)

I'm continuing my experimentation wtih watercolours. I had this idea a little while ago which i was really excited to get out, and after perusing Courtney's blog and folio, I thought I'd try to emulate how she seems to mix and blend colours so beautifully. Well, it failed miserably! Yuk! I didn't even bother inking it.

so try, try again. I like this one better, especially the cloud animals, but now notice problems with the composition.

There needs to be more space between the grass and clouds I think, and also I meant for the boy to be angling down a bit more. I also don't like how I did the hair or hands, and like the grass texture better on the first one. I'll get back to this again some other night. Practice makes perfect.... and third time's a charm! Let's see what other maxims can i throw in there...?

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wynlen said...

Nice. I love the clouds in the second one!

Thanks for the nice comment you left in my blog about my work! I can relate to what you're saying about finding your own style - it can feel challenging at times. Just keep creating and don't think too much about the style, it will emerge by itself.
You asked if my illos are larger than they look at my website: Yes. I don't work very big, but most of them are a lot larger than I show them at my site.