Monday, April 03, 2006

I-Fri: Spring

My first thought when I saw this topic was 'sure, rub it in!' -- as you are blossoming and blooming, we are descending into winter. So, I did something decidedly australian. Unfortunately my scanner has muted many of the nice oranges (the mental list of equipment I need grows), but anyway, these guys are springing along:

But then I thought, well maybe doing something springy will make me feel less bitter about being... um.... seasonally challenged?

and you know what, it did!


the heartful blogger said...

These are lovely! Take heart, spring for most of Europe means rain at the moment!!!

Geninne said...

Hey Kim! G'day mate! I love the new look on your blog, looks fantastic. I just LOVED the giraffe!
And your illos are perfect for sping! Loved the little purple kangaroo. Your illos always brighten my day and make me smile, thank you for that!

Sweet Pea said...

So cute! You would never know you are heading for winter - they look so cheery!

robotjam said...

LOvely pictures, really nice simple style.

Hamsa Hand said...

Totally love your blog, even the colour of the template and the style.
I'm a fan!!!

marica said...

oh, lovely illos!!
Your style is so cute!!!

marica said...

oh, lovely illos!!
Your style is so cute!!!