Monday, January 28, 2008

I-F: Tales and Legends

I'm sure there are many tales told about the Great Wall of China.
This is an old one (hence the different style) - it was for a book about the Olympics in Beijing THIS YEAR. (2008 seemed so far away when I did it!)

Well this will be my last post before I head off to the USA to Memphis to see my hubby perform and then to NY for the SCBWI conference. I'm pretty happy with my folio, though i think i'll use the plane rides to do a few finishing touches! (i've got a few of em! plane rides that is.)

One of the things I'm most excited about the conference is meeting fellow illustrators Alicia, Monica and Courtney. See you there ladies!

So off I go... I plan to keep a visual diary in my moleskine so I'll be sure to do a big write-up/sketch-up on it when I get back.

Until then, have fun out there in bloggy land!


LEEZY said...

Hey Courtney and I were just talking about you! Can't wait to meet up, too. That's a long way to travel for a conference - hurrah! See you there,,,, not long now. :)
Great illo, too!

helen said...

Lovely illustration.

shaky mouse said...

fantastic shading on the hills

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

See you there Kim!! And good luck to your hubby on his performance... very cool! :o)

Cheryl said...

Luvly work. Step into a different time.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

What a great scene!

Kristi Valiant said...

Hi Kim, I'll be going to the SCBWI conference in New York too. I'm trying to get together a bunch of illustrators in the lobby of the Hilton around 9pm Friday night after the exhibition so that we can peek through each other's portfolios. I'd love to see your portfolio if you'd like to come. Hope to meet you!
Kristi Valiant

imwithsully said...

This is awesome!!!!!!

sarah said...

this is sarah from greenweeds. I am FINALLY getting back to your question about varnish :) First I use matte medium to collage all my pieces. I'm not sure if this matters, as I've never tried anything else. But in using matte medium I RARELY have anything buckle, after everything is completed and dry, i very lightly varnish with "winsor newton gallery matte varnish" I never pour it on the piece, I put some on a palette and using a soft larger brush I gently go over the painting. Sometimes some of the charcoal smears a bit, but I control it and actually like the effect. When I use watercolor, I spray fix the piece first, then nothing smears when i varnish. Hope this helps, sorry so long!

Marina Gey said...

It's sweet, deep, makes me feel like walking in these green fluffly mountains!
Could also works for 'blanket' theme:) it seems so warm and confortable!
(sorry for my english:p)