Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Well, I have finished illustrating the book I have been working on since March this year. Since I began working, my son has started crawling, then walking. We got a new (old) Prime Minister (again). And I did a lot of sketching and a lot of painting. And had oodles of fun.... Oodles I tell you!

Unfortunately I can't tell you much more about the book until it is out and available... not until April next year! But I will let on that it involves my favourite animal in the world, the giraffe. so here is a sneaky peak at my drawing table before I packaged up all the illustrations to send off to the publisher in Sydney.

The next thing on the cards for me is Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells course in October. I am soooo excited about it - I have had a few friends take it already with nothing but rave reviews. I'll be posting my progress on it here!

The other thing I'll be working on in the background is redesigning my website. Goodness does it need it! Something simple, something easily updatable (so I do it more), something me. Still have yet to figure out exactly what that is but I'm on the road :)


Danielle McDonald said...

Hi Kim. It freaks me out how our paths have ended up on the same track! I am just starting a new book with the same publisher, my little baby is starting to roll over and get active, and I too have signed up for the Lilla Rogers course in October!! Looking forward to having someone to share the experience with. Your giraffe illustrations look gorgeous and I can't wait to pick up a copy of your new book next year. Great to see things are going well for you. Keep in touch. Dan x

lil kim said...

Oh that's awesome! wow yes, so many parallels that is a bit freaky.
So happy to be doing the October course with you!!! yay! and congrats on the new book. You've always got something fun on the go :)
take care and DEFINITELY keep in touch!!