Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MATS: mini assignment Week 4 - Wall Art

This week we are learning about the Wall Art market which is quite wide and varied - from abstract to baby images and everything in between, it all works.

our assignment this week will be to create a piece of abstract art - yikes! I haven't done anything abstract in...... i don't know if I've ever done anything abstract??

so our mini assignment was quite fun this time around - just to collect some objects and ephemera to stick up and around. I raided the local craft store to find some goodies, not sure what I'll end up using. we were also given a colour scheme to use - mine is red and blue.

so... I'm all set to go! Looking forward to finding out the terms of the main assignment tomorrow night. I think I might use acrylics for this if it suits, should be fun....

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