Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Let 2014 rock.

Hope your new year will be ROCKIN!

I am very excited about the New Year. 2013 was a very difficult year personally and I am happy to see it finish. I have a few things on the boil for 2014 and am hoping one or more of them will bubble up enough for me to make some really yummy gnocchi.

A few pots:

My new book will be out in April!

I'm excited to expand on what I learned in the illustration course I did last year and to take Part B in March.

I'll be going to the national Australian SCBWI conference in July (never been before!)

I'm working on a dummy of a my OWN manuscript. (eek!)

I'm having fun doing little guys like Rocky Raccoon here.

Here's hoping 2014 is a wonderful year for us all, with lots of joy, laughter, love and creativity. (and gnocchi!)


Mark Wheeler said...

Not kidding. Want that guy on a T shirt :)

Mark Wheeler said...

Really, really want that guy on a T shirt. I have this great one I bought from the forest service that has a moose playing base, a bear on lead guitar, and a beaver on drums. The title is "Nature Rocks".

lil kim said...

haha, thanks Mark! Glad you like him. If I get to the point of offering him on a t-shirt I'll let you know! This is actually part of an animal band I am working on (damn and I thought it was such an original idea! ;-P ) - it's close to completion though so I'll keep you posted :)