Sunday, February 09, 2014

Bootcamp: Glutton for punishment

So I decided to keep the momentum going from MATS, and have signed up for Lilla Rogers' Bootcamp. It is the same premise as MATS where we have a 'mini' assignment to warm up and then a 'main assignment' to conquer, but on a more realistic timeframe: monthly instead of weekly.

and we're already off and running with the Week 1 mini: Cuckoo clocks! fun!!!

I would never really have thought about doing a piece of art with cuckoo clocks in it, so it was really fun to browse images of all the crazy clocks out there in the universe. What I really love about them is they seem to tell a little story.. a bit like a photograph-- a moment in time frozen of a maiden milking a cow or a deer in the forest. 

so I did some sketches...

Canadian scene.. back to my heritage
a few wonky sketches on the train.

and decided I like the Red Riding Hood sketch the best. I did it up in a bit more detail and was hoping to add colour but ran out of time.

cuckooo… grandma….??
I'm not sure how these ideas will be used yet but I'm very excited to find out! Our main assignment is revealed tomorrow… wish me luck!

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Melissa said...

Fun sketches! I love the Red Riding Hood one!